While it is normal to feel an urge to urinate 4-6 times a day but if it exceeds this number, you may be suffering from the problem of frequent urination, especially if you need to urinate more than 8 times a day.

From diabetes, pregnancy, anxiety to bladder stones, kidney infections, urinary tract infection and prostate problem, there can be multiple causes of frequent urination. If you have not been drinking excess water or too close to your bedtime and still having to urinate for more than 8 times a day or wake up repeatedly at night, you must visit your doctor for underlying cause of frequent urination. This becomes crucial if your frequent urination is accompanied by fever and chills.

If there is nothing very serious about your frequent urination problem, you can use one or more of the home remedies for frequent urination.

Taking all dietary modifications along with some lifestyle changes like regular exercising and Kegel exercises for strengthening pelvic muscles will help you get rid of frequent urination. However, because frequent urination have various different causes, some of which are really serious, you should visit your doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for the underlying cause of your frequent urination.


The description of quick ejaculation is not clear. It can denote ejaculation sooner than sex starts. It can also mean ejaculation in the very beginning of it. There are people that use this term when the man finishes sooner than his partner!

Remember how many times you wanted to make your intercourse longer. It is a common problem for many people. 30% of men are proved by the US National Surveys to ejaculate early. Quick ejaculation is just a sexual condition and by no means should be regarded as a disease. There are also treatments to avoid quick ejaculation.

While quick or premature ejaculation by no means actually causes harm to the person, it can impact his romantic relationship with his lover, who he probably leaves sexually dissatisfied. As a result it can impact his self-confidence, which gradually gets into other areas of his daily life. However luckily, there’s a solution. But you can not just be likely to manage this without treatments.

First thing you have probably used during intercourse – thinking of different non-sexual things in the very process. But usually it affects the quality of your orgasm. Some of you decided to take prescription medication hoping to improve the situation. The medicine is quite expensive and has side effects. I would like to give you some helpful hints that will help you forget about your quick ejaculation and will make sexual intercourse a pleasant experience for two of you.

Mastering the start-and-stop technique will help you avoid quick ejaculation in the most effective way. All you have to do is hold off before the moment you orgasm. Try to do it when you masturbate, and then do it together with your partner. Determine the point when you have it and change the situation. Discontinue any actions once you feel that it is coming. When it is over, start it again. Find out the number of times you can repeat the experience of this type.

You may think it is easy, but actually it’s quite a problem. Sometimes you may think that your erection gets weaker, but do not stop the exercise. When you start this routine with your partner, use these little breaks for kissing or adjusting your pose.

A good way to avoid quick ejaculation is Kegel penis exercises, which positively influence the pubococcygeus muscles, also called the PC muscles. To find them, stop your urination in the very middle of the process – that is your PC muscles. A Kegel exercise means you clench the muscle then hold it for 5 seconds and release. Do the Kegel excersise in sets of ten as many times as you can. Little by little increase the number of repetitions. The results won’t be seen quickly, but if you do it three times a day for 3-4 weeks you will start feeling positive change. This is how it functions during sexual intercourse. As you notice that you are going to have the peak of enjoyment try this method with a muscle. Start and stop clenching it.

Try a herbal supplement to avoid quick ejaculation. Make sure it is produced by a reputable manufacturer, it is safe and effective. With the help of pills you can experience a longer and stronger erection. Apart from increasing the staying power they also increase the power of your orgasm. Now say that you don’t want it! And it works as well as it sounds due to the carefully selected combination of herbal sexual enhancers and with no side effects to worry about.

So what’s more effective: herbal medicines, start-and-stop technique, or pelvic floor exercises? According to the Sexual Advice Association, the best idea is to combine these treatments to avoid quick ejaculation! Based on the recent surveys people can prevent premature ejaculation in a minimum of 95% situations.

More and more men want to know the secret of good male libido. It is not a difficult task with the correct information. There are a lot of products – libido pills – on the market today that promise this effect. Most of these supplements’ formulas include herbs like Yohimbe. While effective to a degree, almost all aphrodisiacs on the market today are expensive and potentially dangerous. Using these herbs on a daily basis is something few doctors would recommend. Thus a safer and more affordable way to sustain increased amounts of semen is necessary. You can improve the health of your prostate by means of saw palmetto and pumpkin seed, and you will need zinc to improve male libido. But you don’t have to use expensive pills to improve male libido!

There are special exercises like PC exercises (Kegels). They not only help to improve male libido, but also give your better satisfaction in bed. Plenty exercises can be as useful as following a healthy diet which contain a lot of fruits and vegetables. Another good way to improve male libido is to keep your body hydrated; which means to drink plenty of water. Do you know that 95% of semen volume consists of water? So, make sure you are not dehydrated. Otherwise, you risk reducing your load size.

You may also use edging techniques. You have to get to the “point of no return” and then suddenly stop. If you exercise repeatedly with your partner, your libido will be improved and your life will become more powerful. Exercises, kegels, edging and all mentioned above will show you lovemaking you have never experienced.

If you start doing exercises to improve male libido, remember to read the guide and learn how to do them properly so that they can help you reach more intense experience. In many guides on these penis exercises you may find information about the diet you should keep to and about the supplements you may take to achieve even more impressive results.