‘All Natural’ Alternatives for Erectile Dysfunction

Beware of products (like foods or dietary supplements) claiming to improve your sexual performance because a lot of these products contain hidden ingredients that are not fit for human consumption and have the potential to be unsafe.

According to the FDA, about 300 of the products out there on the market for sexual performance have been found to have ingredients not reported on the label. These products may include ingredients found in FDA-approved drugs like Levitra, Viagra and Cialis, but the amount may be extremely high (especially in dosage quantity). Also, some products have a combination of hidden ingredients that may prove to be very unsafe regardless of the amount found.

Dr. M. Daniel Dos Santos, representative of the Division of Dietary Supplement Programs for the FDA, tells us that even if you read labels to determine the safety of a product, you may still select a product that is unsafe because some of the ingredients may not be listed. Despite a product label boasting of having only natural or herbal ingredients, the product could still contain unnatural herbal ingredients and chemicals, which means the label is deceiving people into believing they have a natural product when in actuality, they do not.

A Drug Cocktail

The FDA has discovered there are a lot of high doses of hidden ingredient mixtures in a lot of supplements sold for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). One supplement had a dosage amount that contained 31 times more of the ingredient Tadalafil than what is contained in Cialis. Also, this supplement had a high amount of a non-FDA-approved antidepressant called Dapoxetine.

A lot of dietary supplements are legitimately marketed and are not approved by the FDA like many other prescription and non-prescription drugs. The FDA usually examines dietary supplement that are legally sold by either doing facility inspections or by responding to consumer reports of negative responses to using the product. It is required for a company to ensure the products they market for human consumption are safe and actually work.

Unknown Contaminants

Alternative ED products are often marketed as sexual enhancement supplements because a dietary supplement can’t claim legally that it will diagnose, prevent, treat or cure an actual medical condition. Even though they are legally available for sale, it does not guarantee they are safe.

Risky Interactions

Many of these sexual enhancement supplements for men create adverse interactions with heart medications and certain other drugs.

For instance, if you use a supplement that has Sildenafil (an ingredient found in Viagra) and also take drugs with Nitrates, you could risk your blood pressure dropping at an unsafe level. Keep in mind that a lot of people with ED often have conditions that require medications with Nitrates (like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease).

The FDA works hard to prevent the sale of unapproved products by issuing recalls and having these types of medicines destroyed. The organization also sends out several warnings to be cautious about these types of products. Advisory letters are often given to manufacturers that market these products to cease production and/or sale of these products. After the advisory is given, a refusal to stop marketing the illegal product could result in import alerts (where the FDA can seize and physically examine all products deemed to be in violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act), seizures, recalls, injunctions and criminal prosecutions.

How to Prevent Aging Male Syndrome

At the age of about 40 men suddenly notice they are not so exuberant and ravenous as they used to be. They begin to lose their hair and bones, experience insomnia or other problems with sleeping, difficulties in calculation, and memory disorders.

They become less motivated. Moreover they can feel sick, exhausted and depressed. From time to time these symptoms can be accompanied by other problems such as loss of muscle mass and strength, erectile dysfunction, increased fat, sweating, flushing, aches, pains and things like that. Almost every male in some degree experiences the listed symptoms. It impacts his self-image and confidence and as a result the man’s peace of mind is disturbed. Aging male syndrome is a menopause-like condition in aging men.

Aging Male Syndrome

Aging male syndrome  means natural and continuous decrease of male hormone levels beginning when man usually gets thirty and carries on at a huge rate of ten percent per ten years. Testosterone is a principal male hormone responsible for sexuality, sperm production, the growth of body hair, increased muscle and bone mass. It is also essential for health and well-being and its decrease cannot be unnoticed.

This crisis of the middle age influences the whole life of a man. First of all it influences the body, and sometimes in a very negative way, leading to cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. This is up to you to decide if you wish to make the condition easier and eradicate the symptoms of aging male syndrome.

How to Prevent Aging Male Syndrome?

How to prevent aging male syndrome? The person should follow the strategy that unites different aspects such as diet, stress control, reduction of tobacco and alcohol intake. These lifestyle changes will help, but they do not cure the male mid-life crisis. However, certain enhancers can deal with aging male syndrome which is the most important part of the crisis. A number of people may think that these boosters are total money waste. But, there’re individuals who honestly think that erection enhancers can produce a huge difference in their day-to-day lives.

Why does it play such an important role? Some people think that sex can make or break their relationship. Sometimes wonders in relationship appear only because of sexual life. The reason for it is the fact that emotions come with sexual relationship. Women subconsciously desire partners with ravenous virility and strength. They are far less likely to adore a man with sexual or other physical problems.

Unfortunately, there are such men that have some problems while buying these products. They think that it is insulting for their pride and manhood. But today the number of men who don’t see anything insulting in buying erection enhancers constantly increases.

There are certain explanations why these enhancers help any relationship. First of all, they handle male’s testosterone decrease. Next, a man finds effects in his erection hardness. Third, the man taking the pills becomes healthier. His blood circulation improves. The fourth, the man experiences a better sexual stamina and the fact keeps him to go in bed. So, erection enhancers can be the first aid in saving your relationships and returning your partner’s love and confidence. So it is no surprise in fact that the number of men who use herbal erection enhancers constantly increases.

Male Therapy Products

Do you experience problems with small erections or erection control? Then give it a shot and see if male therapies can solve your problems and help you become more confident with your performance. Take a first step to a better sexual life by choosing the most suitable male therapy product.

Today we often identify the programs of penis exercises and erection enhancement as a spam, because we get a lot of e-mails of such kind and they irritate us. But in spite of this fact there are some companies which can really help men in fixing their sexual problems. It can be a real rescue for those who suffer unsatisfied and their partners as well.

Male therapy exercises can be found everywhere. Due to the Internet the method has become very popular. If you want to get more control over your erections and sexual performance, male exercises can help you to do it so and to save your money.

First of all, the male therapy exercises are based on the increase of blood circulation in penis. Blood volume also increases within this organ. Erectile tissue uptakes more blood during the sexual arousal; this causes stronger and longer erection. According to the specialists the more blood accommodates in penis, the bigger this organ is in any condition, either erected or flaccid.

PC muscle (Pubococcygeal muscle) training is one more way to obtain control over erections. Men are able to exercise Pubococcygeal muscle and learn how to get better erections, which are necessary for good sexual life. There are two other types of muscles that support the shaft of the male organ. They are the Ischio Cavernous (IC) and Bulbo Cavernous (BC). The organ gets thicker when these muscles contract. It is obvious that this group of muscles can be exercised as any other group of muscles. As a result, your penis will get bigger and thicker.

Those programmes which really help combine both muscles trainings and blood flow increase. So the main problem which needs to be solved is to find such a programme which works and will be helpful to change your sexual life for the better.

Are there any shortcomings of the therapy exercises? The answer is – “yes”. It is not as ideal as it can see. For example it won’t work when you suddenly want a fast erection. Fortunately, other male therapy products were developed to go through the deep layers of the penis tissue and penetrate the testicles at once providing positive and fast results within a minute or two.

95% of helpful components are absorbed directly into the tissue through the skin. Compare this result with the 5-10% absorption of herbal remedies in tablets or capsules.

Male therapy oils are the important part of the new group of sex-related merchandise, and are changing the landscape of the market because of their high performance. Even though normally known as natural oils, a number of these items are water-based. If you usually use condoms, you should choose a water-based “oil” because formulas based on oil are known to decrease the effectiveness of latex.

The composition of the product depends upon the manufacturer. But the common components are vitamins, natural herbs, amino acids and some flavorings. L-Argynine is one of the important elements which assist with the sexual boost. It is an amino acid which transforms into nitric oxide, a fundamental building block which is essential to the orgasm cycle in men.

A male therapy product, selected with great care, will enhance your sexual performance in the best way, helping you to achieve longer-lasting erection, greater penile firmness and to avoid or reduce the cases of premature ejaculation.

Is Free Erection Enhancement Safe?

We are likely to enjoy so much the things that we get for free that we keep looking for free options or at for those that offer a good deal. The same is with erection enhancement exercises: we are very much interested in free or at least cheap exercises. We all wish to have a good purchase. When the product can affect your health then it is very important to look closer at what you are going to acquire. Why not risk your health? This is one of the most essential things we have.

The market is full with different male enhancement products; more and more companies are involved into this business although FDA does not support all of them. It seems no difficulty in improving man’s libido, health, erection or sexual desire. And all of these companies insist that their products can solve all these problems. In many cases producers know how unconfident men feel about their condition, and sell an empty thing, not something that really helps. Consequently, in most cases these products are thrown away unused. If you are really interested in the result when looking for a means to improve your sex life, then you’d better forget the offers with free trials and consider erection enhancement programs that offer a number of advantages.

Apart from being proven, safer, and more natural, erection enhancement exercises also cost less than pills or surgery. The only difficulty is to pick a program that really works. And in order to make the right choice we recommend keeping in mind the following. There are some erection enhancement programs, which cost money, but are no good. On the contrary, there are some free erection enhancement programs, but their effect is doubtful too.

Firstly, you have to pay attention to what kind of training is offered in this or that program. Always choose the program that has video tutorials. It is necessary for you to see the way the exercises should be performed. Free erection enhancement exercises are rarely provided with video, they contain text descriptions only.

Try to find out what results will the exercise bring. There is no need to spend your time on practicing if no proven results can be achieved. Only a few erection enhancement programs can guarantee success. Give preference to the product that does not have positive reviews only but the ones that are recommended by health care practitioners. This is something that you will never get with free trials. Therefore free trials will never provide safe product for you.

Of course, you should find out the cost of the program. The costs can be completely different. But if the program doesn’t have the points discussed above it doesn’t matter how cheap it is, keep away from it.

You must be sure that if you don’t make it with this programme you’ll be able to get your money back. There should be a clear system of returning payments if the programme didn’t help. And remember that if you don’t pay for exercises nobody is responsible for their effectiveness.

A good program should include some customer support service in case of doubts or problems. The necessary information should be available quickly and easily. Obviously, free erection enhancement exercises cannot have any professional customer support. As a rule, people who drive their FAQs and forums are not MDs and subsequently are not responsible for the answers and advices they give.

In order to be really effective, a good program should include all main ingredients helping to improve male power. And this is the point in which many free programs do not succeed. If a program you are using is safe and proven by experts, you will have no side effects, but real results only. So try and get all information about the program you are able to find.

One of the best ways to select a good erection enhancement program is to find a penis exercises forum with real men discussing and reviewing erection enhancement exercises from their own experience. Such a forum can give you answers on all the mentioned above questions and help to find the best erection enhancement exercises.

Foods That Treat Male Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual health depend much on food we eat. Don’t forget that your favorite stake or potatoes you’ve eaten for dinner leads to the increase of the problems in sexual sphere. But some food can make a positive effect and help treat male sexual dysfunctions. Even the smell of food influences sexual mood. Special food can treat definite intimate problems or even illnesses.


Coffee can help treat male sexual dysfunction due to its caffeine effect, which results in enhanced blood flow, stronger heart pumping and increased metabolism.

Marine mollusks

They are known as sexuality stimulators and it is really so. They contain vitamin B6 and zinc which are necessary for testosterone production. Lack of testosterone leads to worse erection, which can turn into male sexual dysfunction.


Warm up your sexual life. Blood is flowing faster after spicy food and bright blood vessels are the effect of it, but it is not the only obvious result. Biologically erection is based just on the phenomenon of hydraulics. Male organ becomes hard because of liquid (blood) which was forced into blood vessels. That’s why healthy strong heart and blood vessels are necessary to treat male sexual dysfunction.

Banana fruits

Bananas are rich in potassium which is so vital for heart and blood circulation – the major factors of healthy erectile function. Potassium will keep your blood pressure at healthy level through keeping under control your sodium levels. This is the scheme how bananas act to reduce the risks or developing male sexual dysfunctions. Yet, there are other sources or potassium as well in case you don’t like bananas and consume too much salt. You can get this mineral from jacket potatoes (particularly from its skin) and oranges as well.


Maintaining healthy blood consistency is another way to treat male sexual dysfunction. And oily fish – such as trout, mackerel, salmon, and fresh tuna – contain omega-3 fatty acids that make blood less thick thus enhancing its flow. Eat fish twice a week to maintain healthy arteries.


You require vitamin B1 for a balanced central nervous system, so consume pork to produce more semen. You may also obtain B1 from black beans and whole wheat bread.


Find anthocyanins in cherries to enhance the quality of your artery walls. This is a colorful plant chemical, which works great against fatty plaques. Consequently you will avoid atherosclerosis and you will never have clogged arteries. If you don’t like cherries, try other berries or fruit of bright colours: nectarines, peaches and plums, for example. They all will keep your arteries very smooth.


You are advised to eat enough onions and garlic, because they contain allicin. This substance helps you treat male sexual dysfunction, because it makes blood less sticky and improves its circulation, as well as prevents formation of clogs and clots. You are worried that the smell of onion can hardly be called sexy? No problem, you should just chew some parsley and peppermint gum.


Red wine contains a lot of antioxidant phytochemical resveratrol. It opens arteries and enhances the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps to expand the blood vessels. However, the person should not drink over 2 glasses of wine, otherwise the effect will be opposite.

There are a lot of medications that are proscribed for you and though the herbal pills may seem to be safe for male sexual dysfunction treatment, it is necessary to have the right diet if you want to achieve the result. Vitamin E, vegetables and fruit, zinc and fish oil are your cheerful helpers in fixing the problem of male erectile dysfunction. And at the same time sodium, fat and sugar glut in your food exacerbate the problem.

Best Ways to Get a Stronger Erection

All men dream of stronger erection, but not all of them can really have it. Frankly speaking, there are some men considering sex a chore as they enjoy it less than other men do. Do you know why? The main reason is they can’t get an erection. But many men, who have no problems with erection in general, still dream of even stronger erection, because it makes sex fantastic and improves relationships with their partners.

There are some men who may not know that there are several ways to get a stronger erection. And some of these methods are surprisingly simple and can be easily executed.

One of the simplest things, which is often forgotten, is proper nutrition. This is very easy, you should just avoid fats, especially if you are going to have sex soon. When you have excessive amount of fat in your organism it tells on your libido and diminishes testosterone level. It will also affect badly your erection firmness and will make ejaculation more complicated.

One of the best ways to get a stronger erection is by avoiding immediate ejaculation. Trying sexual positions with a man on top is another good idea. In this case more blood will flow towards sexual organs and it will positively influence the erection.

Smoking is another harmful thing for a strong erection. It is bad for blood vessels and penis’s tissues. The penis’s skin becomes less elastic.

All the methods above are not bad but there is a better way to improve one’s erection. You can get stronger erection by taking herbal penis pills. The ingredients of the pills are only natural and stronger erection is the definite result which is proved to give a greater sex experience. Stronger erection isn’t the only positive result of taking herbal supplement. One more advantage is a big thick penis and a better blood flow.

Another important effect is psychological – a man who takes herbal penis pills will gain back some of his sexual self-esteem because his worries about his performance will be gone. Very useful information – you’ll suffer no after-effects after these pills taking. Now you have a possibility to achieve your goal without taking risks. This kind of treatment will not hurt you.

Anyway, we suggest verifying with your doctor and/or Food and Drug Administration website whether this way to get a stronger erection is suitable for you and will bring the desired outcomes. Men should be aware of the fact that different methods bring different results. There are methods that do not guarantee that a stronger erection will be reached. You should try to pick only top-quality and risk-free organic penis pills in order to prevent possible harm from medication. The point that penis pills are natural doesn’t imply they’re harmless.

Penis pills formula should include well-known and effective herbs which are proved to increase levels of testosterone and enhance libido, but should not include such ingredients as Yohimbe. Yohimbe is sold as a sexual stimulant however it can be dangerous when used in disproportionate amounts. Some of negative side effects are high blood pressure and heart problems.

Thus, great care should be taken in choosing the right pills for strengthening one’s erection in order not to impose real danger to one’s health, since no matter how desperately you wish to improve your erectile function, your health should always remain a priority number one.