Weight Loss and Energy Supplements

Energy SupplementsMany people are carrying around excess weight, but this is also leading to a lack of energy for these individuals. There is a connection between low energy and excess weight. This means that one of the simplest ways that you can begin to drop weight quickly is by taking energy supplements.

Low energy can be a major problem that affects more than just your sleeping schedule. If you lack energy constantly it is time to make a change that will impact your health as a whole. Your lack of energy might be what is holding you pack from losing weight and addressing this problem can be most beneficial for you. If you are ready to get serious about weight loss, there are a few reasons why you need to increase your energy levels.

Energy Supplements

Here are the reasons why energy supplements can be so important when you are trying to lose weight:

When you lack energy, this leads to weight gain. Not only do you not feel like working out regularly, but your metabolism also falls behind. This means that you start to gain weight at a rapid speed.

If you fight the issue by taking energy supplements, you have the ability to stop the problem from worsening. This means that you can kick start your metabolism and also regulate your metabolism in a way that allows you to gain weight.

Your lack of energy can be a big problem that has a huge impact on your weight gain if you are not careful. This means that you need to make sure that you increase energy levels right away once you notice that you have become lethargic for any length of time. A lack of energy is not something that you should overlook for long.

There can be a number of different reasons behind your lack of energy, but your low energy levels are what is most likely causing you to put on extra weight. There are all natural weight loss pills that you can begin taking in the form of energy supplements that will help you to get motivated again and get out of your funk. The only real way that you will be able to get back in shape and get rid of the excess weight is to make sure that you make taking energy supplements a part of your daily routine.

Mixing Dietary Supplements with Medication can be Dangerous

When you take OTC (over the counter) or prescription medications you may also take a regular vitamin too or some other type of dietary supplement. There may be a danger in mixing dietary supplements with regular medications you’re taking.

Medical officer Robert Mozersky who works at the FDA says that some dietary supplements impact the metabolism and increase it while some other dietary supplements decrease the metabolism.

The metabolism, absorption, or excretion of a medication can be impacted so the potency is changed. You may be getting too much or too little of the medication you’re taking now.

Medications and dietary supplements combined together may have dangerous or even life-threatening consequences. Drugs used for heart disease, HIV/AIDS, depression, birth control pills, and drugs for organ transplant treatment are made less effective when taking with the herbal supplement St. John’s Wort. It depends on the medication being taken, but the results may be serious.

Prescription blood thinner warfarin, herbal supplement ginkgo biloba, aspirin, and vitamin E supplements can thin the blood. If these are taken together there could be a stroke or internal bleeding.

Dietary supplements are commonly used and include minerals and vitamins as well as other less common substances such as, amino acids, botanicals, herbals, as well as enzymes. The (NHANES) or National Health and Nutrition Examination Study from 2005-2008 of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that 72 million people or 34% of participants in the United States took some type of dietary supplement with prescription medication. Many take supplements to ensure they get the right essential nutrients, but dietary supplements shouldn’t be used as a replacement for eating a wide variety of foods we need for a healthy diet.

Consumers are under the false impression that “natural products such as an herbal supplement or fish oil won’s hurt them, but natural doesn’t mean that it’s safe to take. A weight loss product might be herbal or “natural,” but might be unsafe for people to take that have certain medical conditions.

Children can be harmed by taking both medications and supplements. The metabolism of a child is unique and when they are at different ages, the metabolism works at different rates. For children ingesting dietary supplements with medication can increase the chances of adverse events taking place.

If you plan to have some type of surgery, dietary supplements can harm you as you may have medication you take before, after, or during the surgery procedure. Your doctor may have you stop using supplements about 2-3 weeks before you medical procedure is to take place. You may have blood pressure, heart rate, or bleeding risks if you continue take supplements before the procedure date.

If you’re breastfeeding or pregnant you need to discuss dietary supplements with your doctor to understand your risks.

Treating Migraines

You may think that there’s no options for treating your migraines, but you don’t have to give up now.

In the last year the FDA has provide new options for adults that have migraines as they have allowed the marketing of two new prescription devices that can treat these severe headaches. For those that have difficulty with regular medications and drugs there’s the Cefaly transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device as well as the Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator. In clinical studies both of the devices have been shown to pose minimal risks and be effective in treating migraines when used in accordance with their labeling.

Biomedical engineer with the FDA Michael Hoffmann says that there’s a large need for these types of devices because many anti-migraine drugs have side effects which many patients can’t tolerate.

Many drugs have systemic side effects since they are injected and then metabolized. The side effects of the drug can vary person to person. Many patients are looking for alternative migraine treatments because of these side effects. The new devices don’t have the same type of side effects and may be tolerated more by patients.

Drug Limitations

Throbbing pain as well as intense pulsing in one area are characteristics of migraine headaches. Other symptoms include sensitivity to light or sound as well as nausea or vomiting. A migraine may last around 4-72 hours when it’s not treated. NIH or the National Institutes of Health say that 12 percent of Americans or around 37 million people have some sort of migraine. The headaches are debilitating and can impact children as well as adults. Women are three times more likely to get them than men. About 18 percent of women have some type of migraine.

There are effective drug treatments for migraines, but there are side effects associated with those drugs. There are medical devices which aim to provide alternative treatments with side effects that are tolerable and fewer in nature.

A neurologist at the FDA, Eric Bastings, M.D., says that the drugs are effective, but not everyone can take them. You can feel dizzy, drowsy or tired when you take them. Some of them may impact your ability to think clearly. Some of the migraine drugs cause birth defects so they are unsuitable for pregnant women. The medical devices also have some limitations too and the safety of the Cerena and the Cefaly devices aren’t proven to be safe for pregnant women to use.

For people that have severe or frequent migraines they can use medications such as propranolol which is a beta blocker. A beta blocker will slow the heart rate and are used to treat heart conditions. If a patient has lung problems, a slow heart rate or asthma they can’t use the beta blockers.

Divalproex sodium and topiramate are antiepileptic drugs which can help people that have migraines. These are seizure medications and can help to reduce the number of migraines when they are taken on a regular basis, but they don’t usually eliminate the instances of migraines.

Someone with a migraine is often undertreated and underdiagnosed. Patients need to tell their health care providers about their headaches and might need to see a migraine specialist if they don’t get the relief that they seek. Doctors need to be aware of the alternative treatments of migraines as well as the regular drugs that can treat these severe headaches.

Herbal Products for Hands Tremor Treatment

Most tremors occur in the hands. In some people, tremor is a symptom of a neurological disorder or appears as a side effect of certain drugs. The most common form of tremor, however, occurs in otherwise largely healthy people. Although tremor is not life-threatening, it can be embarrassing to some people and make it harder to perform daily tasks.

The uncontrollable hands shaking associated with tremor is not unique to this condition. Many different factors or diseases can also cause tremors, including Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, fatigue after exercise, extreme emotional distress, brain tumors, some prescription drugs, metabolic abnormalities, and alcohol or drug withdrawal.

The most effective and safe treatment for hands tremor is herbal supplements. The formulation of herbal products for hands tremor treatment enhances the functioning of the body’s nervous system, gives relief to muscle spasms, and improves the circulation of blood. Additional ingredients help calm anxiety related tremors.

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