Breastfeeding Milk Supply Medications

January 11, 2016

Almost all mothers go through a period of questioning whether their breast milk supply is adequate, especially when they begin breastfeeding. A mother’s milk supply may diminish temporarily if she’s not feeding her baby often enough because of nipple pain or a poor latch-on technique.

From herbal therapy to prescription medications, there are myriad lactation medications to reestablish milk supply after having taken a lengthy break from nursing, or if a mother feels that her supply isn’t as strong as it once was.

Many mothers have reported overwhelmingly positive responses to breastfeeding milk supply medications, in addition to frequent stimulation of the breast. Mothers typically see an increase in supply within 72 hours. Fenugreek is one of the most common ingredients of breastfeeding milk supply medications; moms have used it for this purpose for hundreds of years. You should see a noticeable increase of your milk supply in one to three days if your body responds to the herb.


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