Male Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is usually associated with women as we think of the gear and pink ribbons which are sold to support awareness and research, but men get it too in rare cases.

The FDA doesn’t have good clinical trial date on treatments for make breast cancer since it’s so rare. Medical oncologist and breast cancer scientific lead at FDA’s Office of Hematology & Oncology Products Tatiana M. Prowell, MD says we treat men the same way as we do women for breast cancer.

In the historical sense, men are excluded from breast cancer trials. She stated that the FDA is encouraging drug companies to include men in their breast cancer trails unless they have some sort of scientific reason to exclude them. The number of men in any trial is always small because it’s a rare condition in men. There still needs to be information on the disease in men because it’s better than no information at all.

The Treatment of Male Breast Cancer

Treatment for male breast cancer is similar to that of women as there’s removal of the breast or mastectomy. In other cases there’s radiation, chemotherapy, lumpectomy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapies.

The treatment date for men is based largely on the trials that were conducted on women or are retrospective data from several men that were treated over time. There’s no high-level evidence or randomized trials for breast cancer treatment for males, says Prowell.

One drug called tamoxifen is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) and a hormonal drug treatment used. It inhibits aromatase inhibitors and estrogen receptors so the production of estrogen is blocked from testosterone and other androgens

For women that are postmenopausal aromatase inhibitors are used as a first-line treatment for any early stage breast cancers and tamoxifen is regarded as an alternative treatment. In men this is the opposite as aromatase inhibitors don’t work as well. In men tamoxifen is given first and aromatase inhibitors are the alternative treatment.

For men that have positive lymph nodes, cancer that has spread, or larger tumors, they receive chemotherapy as well as hormonal treatment just like women do. Men that have tumors which are HER2-positive usually get the antibody trastuzumab as it targets HER2 like it does in women. Men with breast cancer need genetic counseling according to Prowell.

Men also have another difference as they are not referred to a genetic counselor automatically if they have mutations like BRCA-1 or 2. These are “tumor suppressor genes” which allow breast cancer and other forms of cancer to develop when they don’t function normally. Women with certain characteristics or family history like having triple-negative breast cancer or being young are the only ones usually recommended for genetic testing.

In men African America men are more likely than white men to have tumors in the advanced stage or to get triple-negative cancers. They have tumors which have fewer treatment options or are likely to reoccur.

Control Appetite Naturally for Weight Loss

Do you find it impossible to “diet” in the traditional sense of eating less, working out more? This is because the body doesn’t just stop craving the food it was once used to getting. Naturally controlling your appetite is the only way to quickly get over that hump and transition into a lower-calorie diet.

If you fail to successfully control your appetite while attempting a new diet, you will find yourself binging at some point, completely nullifying any work you have put in up to that point. The good news is that you don’t need to torture yourself by drastically changing your diet or normalizing hunger pains, there are appetite suppression pills that you can buy OTC to help you eat better.

Not all Diet Pills are Effective

The problem with diet pills is that there are far too many of them and with no real way to measure effectiveness without independent studies done. There is also the ongoing concern of pills that carry unwanted side effects that can not only impact your weight loss progress, but leave you in bad pain or discomfort. Gastrointestinal problems are most common with cheaper, lesser known brands.

How to Control Appetite Naturally for Weight Loss?

These are the most trusted brands on the market today. They both have different formulas, but each with their own audience that swears by their results.

Garcinia Cambogia

This brand of appetite suppression pill takes advantage of nature’s own raw ingredient that has been tested and proven to work in various clinical trials. You want to make sure you buy a brand that is all-natural, with no fillers, no artificial ingredients, non-GMO, gluten-free, and verified with independent scientific testing. Garcinia Cambogia guarantees the maximum potency as allowed by the FDA, which means you’ll be able to take your dosage less frequently, making it easier to maintain your appetite than other brands, which make it more of a chore and easier to miss a dose and throw your appetite off/on.

Unique Hoodia

This brand is popular for fitness and bodybuilding experts because it packs a one-two punch in one pill. Not only does it help control the appetite, but it also accelerates the metabolism through a super-thermogenic process. This is a fancy way of saying that it contains caffeine, which causes the heart to beat faster and the body to use up calories quicker.

Athletes and fitness gurus love Unique Hoodia because it allows them to raise energy levels in a safe and controlled level, rather than downing shots of espresso with sugar and cream. Unique Hoodia has been proven safe by two independent scientific studies.

Appetite suppression pills can be a great way to find the edge you need to achieve your weight loss goals, just don’t neglect the rest of your diet and exercise regimen. You could see some dramatic results if you are someone who has always struggled to eat less, but is always trying to eat healthy.

Dangerous Side Effects from Topical Acne Products

Some acne treatments can cause in rare cases, severe allergic reactions that can be life threatening.

The FDA or Food and Drug Administration warns that some acne product s which have the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can cause rare, but serious or even life-threatening reactions or irritation. The active ingredient tis the ingredient which makes the medication effective against the condition or illness sunder treatment.

OTC or over the counter acne products and those that are topical (applied to the skin) are the ones the FDA are warning about. The serious acne products side effects are different from the less harmful irritations which are included in the labels drug facts. These reactions are dryness, burning, peeling, itching, light swelling, and redness at the application site of the product.

Medical officer at the FDA, Mona Khurana, M.D., says that the labels don’t show the possibility of a severe allergic reaction to the product. Consumers need to know about these reactions and what they should do if they happen.

Consumers need to look at the OTC product to see if it contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. This is found on the Active Ingredients section on the Drug Facts label found on the package.

A DSC or Drug Safety Communication has been issues by the FDA to let health care professionals as well as consumers know about the dangers that these products may possess for them.

The products that are of corner go by various names such as Neutrogena, Proactiv, Oxy, Ambi, MaxClarity, Clean & Clear, and Aveeno. These are available as face washes, lotions, cleansing pads, solutions, face scrubs, and toners.

The FDA received 131 reports from 1969 through January 28, 2013 from manufacturers as well as consumers about hypersensitivity-related adverse reactions and allergies associated with these types of products. These reactions occurred within minutes to 24 hours of use in 42% of cases. The persons impacted range in age from 11-78 years.

Reaction Types

The reports said that 42% had severe allergic reactions like shortness of breath, throat tightness. Low blood pressure, wheezing, collapse, or fainting. Other isolated cased reported itching on body or face, hives, or itching on parts of the body where the product wasn’t applied. Swelling of the lips, face, and eyes were also reported.

The FDA isn’t able to determine from the information if the reactions were caused by the inactive ingredients, the active ingredients or some type of combination of them.

Based on the information reported, FDA cannot determine if these reactions were triggered by the products’ active ingredients, the inactive ingredients, or a combination of both. In 44% of cases hospitalization was needed, but there were no deaths.

Who You Need to do if a Bad Reaction Occurs

There are important safety procedures you can use which counter an allergic reaction, such as:

  • If you have had previous hypersensitivity reactions or allergic reactions avoid using the product.
  • If you get itching or develop hives on the body or face, stop use of the product.
  • Don’t use the product and seek medical attention immediately if you develop swelling of the face, lips, eyes, tongue, have throat tightness, difficulty breathing, or feel faint.

Breastfeeding Milk Supply Medications

Almost all mothers go through a period of questioning whether their breast milk supply is adequate, especially when they begin breastfeeding. A mother’s milk supply may diminish temporarily if she’s not feeding her baby often enough because of nipple pain or a poor latch-on technique.

From herbal therapy to prescription medications, there are myriad lactation medications to reestablish milk supply after having taken a lengthy break from nursing, or if a mother feels that her supply isn’t as strong as it once was.

Many mothers have reported overwhelmingly positive responses to breastfeeding milk supply medications, in addition to frequent stimulation of the breast. Mothers typically see an increase in supply within 72 hours. Fenugreek is one of the most common ingredients of breastfeeding milk supply medications; moms have used it for this purpose for hundreds of years. You should see a noticeable increase of your milk supply in one to three days if your body responds to the herb.


Natural Shingles Treatment

Shingles is caused by the varicella-zoster virus — the same virus that causes chickenpox. Anyone who’s had chickenpox may develop shingles. For some people, shingles pain continues long after the blisters have cleared. This condition is known as postherpetic neuralgia, and it occurs when damaged nerve fibers send confused and exaggerated messages of pain from your skin to your brain.

Pain medication can be used to help relieve discomfort caused by the rash, which can sometimes be severe. For some individuals with mild pain, over-the-counter analgesics may be all that is needed. Individuals with more severe pain may require stronger opioid pain medication.

These prescription medications are full of dangerous side effects and contraindications, which makes it difficult for many patients to take them. Natural shingles treatments are designed to work with your body to relieve your symptoms. For many individuals, results will be apparent within a short time after the first application. Natural medicines are safe, and the ingredients are regulated by the FDA according to the guidelines for OTC homeopathic formulation.

Source: Natural Shingles Treatment