Metabolic Weight Management

Anyone that has had a hard time losing weight has probably been told that their metabolism is to blame. Your metabolism is the general term used to describe the chemical reaction that takes place in every cell of your body to create energy. The enzyme-catalyzed reactions include digestion and the transportation of substances between cells. Simply put, your metabolism is the process and rate at which your body turns calories into energy.

As part of human evolution, your metabolism changed and adapted to actually help weight management. That helped people stay alive when food was short or when they were sick. Prior to the industrial revolution, the ability to slow the metabolism at the first sign of stress was quite literally what kept people alive.

Slow Metabolism and Weight Gain

If you have what is described as a slow metabolism, your body is very inefficient at turning calories into energy. That means food is digested slower and energy is produced slower. You probably feel sluggish and get tired easily. Likewise, people with a slow metabolism tend to gain weight easily and may be overweight already.

Sometimes a slow metabolism is caused by yo-yo dieting, which typically involves extreme calorie restriction. When the body senses that food is scarce, it slows the metabolism as part of an ancient survival mechanism. When trying to lose weight, it’s important to eat less than you burn, but not to east so little as to trigger your body’s starvation response. You can use a natural metabolism booster to help increase your metabolism to burn more calories so you can eat enough to feel full and prevent your body’s hunger response. Natural metabolism boosters are the best choice for weight loss.

Metabolic Weight Management

Once you master your metabolism and learn how much food to eat to lose weight and how much food to eat to maintain your weight (versus gaining weight) you can practice metabolic weight management. Weight management involves eating the right amount and exercising the right amount so you don’t lose or gain weight.

Keeping a steady weight can be good for your overall health. Losing and gaining weight stresses your vital organs, stretches your body’s skin and can wreak havoc on your emotional state. By maintaining a healthy metabolic weight management, you’ll see your overall health improve, both physically and mentally. If your ideal weight is below your natural weight, you may want to consider incorporating natural metabolism boosters into your diet as a way to maintain a higher metabolic rate than your body would otherwise have.

Understanding your metabolism is the key to weight loss and metabolic weight management. By controlling your body’s metabolism, you can successfully control your weight, your health and your life.

Importance of Fish for Pregnant Women and Young Children

You may be given a list of foods you need to avoid while pregnant such as soft cheeses made with unpasteurized milk, undercooked meat, as well as alcohol and other foods. There is one food that you actually need more of when pregnant and also while breastfeeding. You need more shellfish and fish. Science has shown that fish which are low in mercury can help during pregnancy and impact the neurodevelopment as well as growth of your child in a positive way. Fish is also good for the health of the mother too.

The EPA Environmental Protection Agency and FDA Food and Drug Administration have issues revised advice for pregnant women to consume more fish low in mercury, as well as those that may become pregnant, young children, and breastfeeding mothers

The FDA looked at data from pregnant women in the U.S. and saw that they ate less fish than was recommended. Twenty-one percent of women said that ate no fish at all in the previous month. Fifty percent of women that ate fish in the previous month ate less than two ounces of it and seventy-five percent ate less than four ounces each week.

Stephen Ostroff, M.D. FDA’s Acting Chief Scientist said th4e FDA is updating their advice because science shows that eating 8-12 ounces of fish and shellfish per week during pregnancy has positive results for the growth of the fetus and its development. The FDA looked at research from the past decade to revise their recommendations.

The new amounts of fish is the right range to maximize fetal development because fish provide a lot of benefits. The science wasn’t available in 2004 when the FDA last issued advice on fish consumption.

The advice in 2004 said to eat up to twelve ounces of fish, but didn’t give the minimum to eat. The new recommendation is for women that are pregnant or might become pregnant along with breastfeeding women to eat at least eight ounces of fish and shellfish per week and up to twelve ounces. The advice also extends to small children, but the amounts should that you feed them.

Which Fish and Shellfish Should You Consume?

Shellfish and fish are high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. Fish for the most part are low in saturated fat and have some vitamin D. eating fish while pregnant, breastfeeding or giving it to your child early in their development can help with overall development of the child and growth. Eating fish can also reduce your chances of having cardiac issues.

Those that just take omega-3 supplements are missing out on the entire package of nutrition that the whole fish or shellfish provides for you. It’s far better to consume the whole thing than rely on a supplement.

It’s a good idea to eat a wide variety of fish that are low in mercury. Most fish you buy in the grocery store are low in mercury such as salmon, shrimp, Pollock, tilapia, light tuna, cod, and catfish.

Weight Loss Detoxification Program

We all know that weight loss is important. It’s impossible to be both overweight and healthy. What most people don’t know is that it’s also important to detox your body. Think of your body as a big sponge.

It filters through quite a bit of stuff every single day. That stuff builds up over time and that’s why you need to detox. You need to give your body a fighting chance when it comes to defending itself. That’s not going to happen if you’re both overweight and full of toxins. It’s the simple truth that most people don’t realize.

We all know the benefits of weight loss. What most people don’t know is how their health is at risk if they’re overweight. They’re far more likely to develop type-two diabetes and even heart disease. Obesity is directly linked to cancer and there’s certainly no doubt about that. People who are overweight don’t live as long as those who are aren’t. Obese people also get sick more often and end up missing work because of it. Anyone reading this can clearly see that being overweight certainly isn’t good for them. In fact, any obese person reading this will more than likely die an untimely death.

Toxins are less easy to notice than body fat. Do you often feel sluggish? Toxins prevent the body from operating like it normally should. It’s not uncommon for someone to feel sluggish even first thing in the morning if they’ve got a buildup of toxins. You may even notice your skin not looking like it usually does. A buildup of toxins can lead to cancer and even premature death. Make no mistake about it, they can be deadly. It’s why you should always be concerned about what’s being built up in your body.

The goal of every person reading this should be to be in tip top shape. Your health is the most important thing that you have. It’ll determine the quality of your life. That’s what you always need to remember. You’re never going to be wealthy if you’re not healthy first.People today don’t value their health like they do money or material things. This is a mistake and it will ensure your demise in the future. As you age, it’s vital that you’re both detoxifying and are in good shape. Your ability to earn money and take care of those you care about will be greatly impacted by it.

There’s one fool-proof method to detox and lose weight. That’s method is a simple detoxification pill. Nothing could be more simple, but yet effective at the same time. Chances are you’ve been sitting around far too long. That has made your metabolism become real slow. What you need is something that will speed it up. These weight loss detoxification pills do that while detoxifying you at the very same time. You’ll lose weight and feel better than you have in years. Today you have the opportunity to change your life. Do so with weight loss detoxification pills and never look back. You owe it to yourself and more importantly to your family to do so.

Safer Medication for Older Adults

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your sixties or older, you need to take care with over-the-counter medicines and prescriptions. If you care for older loved ones you have to keep them safe too.

As you get older, the chances that you use more medications increases. This can lead to harmful drug interactions in some cases.

As we get older our bodies can impact the way that we absorb drugs which can lead to harmful complications. The kidneys or live might not work as well as they once did which impacts how the drugs are broken down and removed from the body. The digestive system goes through changes too so the way drugs get to the bloodstream can be impacted.

Deputy director of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Office of New Drugs RADM (Ret.) Sandra L. Kweder, M.D., F.A.C.P., says that our physiology changes as we age as we don’t develop many chronic medical conditions until our later years. The normal aging process just leads to changes in the body.

Here are four tips for using medications.

Take the Medicine as Prescribed

Listen to your health care provider and take the medication as it’s prescribed to you. You don’t want to stop taking the medication or skip doses without talking to your health care provider. If you feel better or think the medication isn’t working, you still have to take the medication as prescribed until you can consult with your doctor. If you have problems or side effects that bother you, consult with your provider in these instances too.

Have a Medication List

Keep a list of the medications you take and keep it on your person. Give a copy to your family or another love done that you have trust with. If you travel or have an emergency this list can help health care workers in assisting you.

Record the generic make or the brand name as well as the dosage and how often you take the medication. Make changes to this list when medication changes or dosages go up or down.

Have an Awareness of Potential Interactions

As you get older, you’re more susceptible to drug interactions.

Interactions may occur when:

  • One drug impacts how another drug works
  • You have a medical condition that makes a certain drug harmful to you
  • Non-alcoholic drinks or food reacts with a drug you’re taking
  • Alcohol and your medication interact

If you see different health care providers make sure they all know about your supplements as well as medications you take. The pharmacist can also tell you about possible interactions that may occur.

Review all Medications with Your Health Professional

Once a year or more schedule a review of your medications with your health care professional. You need to ensure which ones you have to still take and which one if any, you no longer need.

If a medication you need doesn’t match your budget, see if your health care provider has one that’s cheaper, but still effective and will do the same job.