Sperm Characteristics

March 5, 2012

Some men have to undergo a sperm characteristics analysis, the purpose of which is to obtain the information about the volume and the quality of sperm a man is able to generate.

This analysis is usually done in order to see if a man is fertile and can become a father. According to the statistics, more than 30% of reproductively challenged couples’ problems are connected to the quality of a man’s semen or sperm accounts. In some cases the sperm characteristics analysis is carried out to check the results of vasectomy or of reversal vasectomy, a surgical operation carried out to make a man infertile or, respectively, to make him fertile again.

Here is the list of the tests conducted during a sperm characteristics analysis:

  1. Sperm count test is used to measure the concentration of sperm in every milliliter (ml) of a man’s ejaculate.
  2. Liquefaction time test shows the time necessary for sperm to liquidize is called liquefaction time. Usually it takes about 20 minutes for sperm to turn into liquid.
  3. Sperm motility test allows to reveal the motile density of sperm, i.e. the amount as well as the number of sperm capable to move forward in due way.
  4. Sperm morphology test shows the percentage of sperm having the normal shape.
  5. PH levels test can identify semen acid-base balance, if the sperm is acidic or alkaline.
  6. White blood cells test shows if here are white blood cells in a sperm sample.
  7. Fructose levels test is supposed to measure sperm fructose level. Fructose is necessary as it fills the sperm with energy.

Sperm Characteristics Analysis Preparations

Before undergoing a sperm characteristics analysis you have to make some preparations. It means you should avoid any sexual activity that ends in ejaculation 2-5 days before the analysis. If you do not follow this requirement, the sperm count won’t be as high as possible, so the test cannot be considered reliable.

Besides, you should be sexually active 1-2 weeks before doing the sperm characteristics analysis because long abstinence can cause inactivity of sperm. And it is also desirable to avoid drinking alcohol for several days before the test and to tell your doctor if you are taking any medication.

Sperm Characteristics Analysis

When a sperm characteristics analysis is done, semen is collected into a small cup. A man can do it either at home or at a hospital where the test is taken. The most common way of the sample collecting is through masturbation into the little sample cup. But you can also do it after sex by either collecting your sperm from a condom (you can put it in a special container to avoid its leaking or breaking) or ejaculating into the sample cup during sex.

Improve Sperm Characteristics

You can improve your sperm characteristics, your ejaculation power, your sperm quality and increase sperm production by introducing the following two natural and simple tips into your daily life. Keep hydrated! You will keep your body and you organ healthy and well functioning. In case your organism is dehydrated, the amount of semen will decrease gradually.  You will produce more sperm if you receive enough water. According to the recent data, you should consume 8 glasses of fresh water to keep your body well hydrated and to have the proper sperm count.

Another thing you should remember is to take sperm pills, which improve the sperm characteristics. These pills contain minerals, vitamins and herbal extracts plus valuable amino acids including L-arginine, L-glysine and L-carnitine, helping you to keep the sperm count at a proper level. In addition to this, they influence the blood circulation and make the erections stronger every time.

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